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Chelsea go back on the offensive over penalty shouts

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Chelsea's official site isn't usually much for editorialising (they save that for us!), but even they're starting to get a bit annoyed by the Blues bizarre lack of league penalties this season. It's now been more than four months since the club has been given a Premier League penalty, which is probably just about the only thing that's keeping the title race from turning into an absolute joke. Hrm. Wonder if that's a coincidence.

Anyway, back to Chelsea:

Our two closest challengers in the Premier League this season, Manchester City and Arsenal, have both been awarded seven penalties - the most in the division. City have only scored one goal more than Chelsea and Arsenal two less.

Last term, the two teams that finished above us in the league - Man City and Liverpool - were awarded more penalties than any other team bar us.

Of course, it could be that when teams have played the league leaders they have been particularly careful inside their own area. We all have plenty of recollections suggesting this is not the case however.

(Emphasis mine)

The club has been taking a much more aggressive line on television and social media of late, but it's hardly been much use to us on the pitch. And therefore I'm wondering what benefit we expect this to bring us. If the missed penalties -- and no matter what your allegiances look like, there have been some bizarre calls of late -- are accidents, previous complaints shouldn't have resulted in even more botched calls, and if they're not ... well, the more the club whines about it the worse it's going to get.

Either way, it's unlikely to be a whole lot of help.

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