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Fernando Torres claims doubts about his ability were because people didn't see him play

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With Atletico Madrid still alive in the UEFA Champions League, it's only natural that we're going to see stories involving ex-Chelsea player (hooray) Fernando Torres. Today, Torres spoke out about the doubts surrounding his ability when he returned to the Vicente Calderon:

"The doubts were understandable because people do not see the Premier League or the short time I was at Milan, they read the statistics, and they were not the same as always."

Wait, what? The doubts are there because people didn't see you at Chelsea or Milan? I can assure you, Fernando, I saw you at both Chelsea and Milan (far more than I would have liked), and the statistics were probably a bit flattering. You weren't good. You weren't passable. You were awful. Sorry.

He continues:

"The worst part about not playing is when you think that you are ready to do it. You try to get more minutes, taking the chances, but you you end up in a situation where things have not gone well for weeks, or for years."

Again, what? In four full years after leaving Liverpool, you made a combined 182 official appearances for Chelsea and AC Milan, in addition to your international matches and club friendlies. That's an average of over 45 club appearances per season in that span, which is far more time on the pitch than you deserved. There's certainly no reasonable argument to be made that you never had the opportunity to get into rhythm. You did.

"It was like swimming in wet clothes. I know how I am, and I am good. In the end these doubts disappear, but then others come again."

Michael Phelps is cringing after you just described that as swimming, even with the clothes caveat. Try sinking, or drowning.

Look...Fernando Torres seems happy to be back at Atletico Madrid, and I'm genuinely pleased for the guy because of that. I'm not sure I'd be talking about any sort of resurgence following three goals in 14 appearances though (all of which were scored in the Copa del Rey), especially given that both Chelsea and AC Milan fans were extremely supportive while he continued to perform terribly on the pitch.

Then again, I probably shouldn't be commenting about a player that I (thankfully) haven't been watching, as those statistics are surely misleading. He's probably back!

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