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Brentford fans remind Chelsea we have a cup, ask for it back

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Thanks to Brentford fans, Chelsea supporters are getting to talk about a trophy that few of us even know existed. I certainly didn't -- the London War Cup is entirely new to me, and a slice of the club's history that's not talked about very often. But no sooner have we re-discovered this grand monument to Blue Glory than someone else tries to take it away, this time the aforementioned Brentford fans.

It turns out (Get West London's Tim Street and Paul Briers have done the heavy lifting here) that Chelsea keep the London War Cup as last winners of the London Football League War Cup, which basically was a re-purposing of the former, an unsanctioned tournament that only ran two seasons. Brentford, as winners of the original competition in 1941, are now asking for their cup back, which ... I guess people like to petition about things.

Our response? In the spirit of democracy and friendship, consider this a cordial request that Brentford do one.

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