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Ashley Cole and the curious case of the hot dog story

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The Internet is a strange place.

Social media, the Internet's wretched hive of thinly disguised scum and villainy is even stranger.

Monday was strange even for social media.  Some people, for example, got quite upset about what some 15-year-old tangentially connected to Chelsea Football Club may or may not have written on Instagram.  Imagine if people got ridiculously upset every time they disagreed with someone's opinion!


There was also this:

Funny.  Heroic?


Well, fake as in the story is fake.  The review itself was quite real for a while, but I'm pretty sure Tripadvisor and Brighton's Verano Lounge have removed it by now.  What a bunch of ... spoilsports.

But it's ok, Ashley Cole.  You're still a hero.

NB. posting of 'Game of Thrones' sausage GIF is strictly forbidden in this comment section.

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