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The official commemorative video for Chelsea's 110th anniversary is worth watching a few times

Are you feeling down after Sunday's 1-1 draw?  Are you fearful of the future, with your beloved club only ahead of second place by 6 points with a game-in-hand, with 10 games left (and only 9 for City and Arsenal)?  Do you feel like the sky is falling and everything is the worst and heads should be rolling?

Maybe this video will cheer you up.

Earlier this week, Chelsea Football Club turned a sprightly 110 years old.  To commemorate, the club produced a special old-school match programme cover for Sunday's game and expanded the official website's history and statistics sections as well.  And on Sunday morning, dropped this fancy video.  You should watch it just because it's longer than 30 seconds (not even counting the Chelsea TV jingle).

It's a whirlwind tour of key moments and key players and key trophies, sure to trigger a few emotions ... which are what sports are all about in the end.

Up the Chels!

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