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Mourinho insists he's still The Special One, and don't you forget it

Still not one of the bottle.

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Welcome back, The Special One.  Rest in peace, The Happy One.

After the disappointing events of Wednesday night, with Chelsea once again firmly centered in the football world's crosshairs of negativity and overreaction, the Chelsea manager has come out swinging.  Make no mistake, this isn't happy jovial new-school mellow Mourinho.  This is in your face Mourinho, this is I-am-the-center-of-attention Mourinho.  This is follow me into battle Mourinho, to borrow Diego Costa's phrase.  This is old school Mourinho.  And he drinks your milkshake.

"People are too much worried about me than they should [be]. They don't know what my happiness is. My happiness, first of all, is when I compare myself with the others [managers], I see just a few that are with me in terms of success. And the others I see a huge difference, a huge distance, with all the respect that they deserve and this is not a fight with them and I have lots of respect for all of them."

"But in the Premier League, who is European champion? Me and Van Gaal. Right? In the Premier League, how many won the Premier League twice or more than twice? Mr Wenger and myself. How many won every competition in this country? Community Shield, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Premier League. How many? How many?"

"You go to Europe, how many won seven league titles? How many won two Champions Leagues? Ancelotti wins three, Van Gaal two and Pep [Guardiola] has two. I am not content with that, but you are too much worried about myself."

"What makes me feel special is that I am above all of this. You think I care with some bull---- I read? Do you think I care? I don't care."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph

We go to the front porch for a reaction:

Meanwhile, one place Mourinho is most definitely not special is mathematics.  (UPDATE: actually, he's fine.)

"I think we need nine victories. Eleven matches. I think we need nine victories. We have to focus on nine victories. If our direct opponents lose a couple of points, then you need eight victories and one draw or something like that, but at the moment we have to focus on nine victories."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph

At the risk of getting a bit too pedantic, nine wins are certainly well above the minimum required to win the Premier League at this point.  After City's loss on Saturday, they, coincidentally enough, have exactly nine league games left.  Even if they were to win all nine (and on current form, that's not likely) and take all 27 available points, they would end up with only 85 points, which is 22 more than our current total of 63.  To guarantee us the title, from this very moment on, we only need 23 points, or 22 and a superior goal difference.  23 points is 7 wins and 2 draws (and 2 losses), or 6 wins and 5 draws (and 0 losses) from the remaining eleven games.  Eight wins gets us at least 24 points while nine wins is way overkill* at 27 points.

But it's ok, we'll let this one slide, Mr. Special One.  We'll worry about the mathematics and the magic number, you just worry about winning.

UPDATE: So as it's been pointed out to me by several people, with these quotes likely taken before City's loss against Burnley, nine is a reasonable target (or 8 wins and 2 draws).  So Mourinho is cool with his maths, and I've changed the headline to reflect that.

* Incidentally, were we to win all 11 remaining, we would set a new Premier League points haul record with 96.  Highly unlikely, of course...

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