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Costa plays on the edge even in training, says ex-teammate

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

You might have noticed that Diego Costa plays football matches on the very edge of psychopathic rage, terrifying defenders willy-nilly and bringing unadulterated joy to his fans. This has been explained as part of his intense, insane desire to help his team win.

So strong is that desire, it seems, that it even shows up on the training field. So says former Atlético Madrid teammate Toby Alderweireld, at any rate:

Outside the field he's totally different, he's a very nice guy, good to the supporters, never in a fight, always laughing. It's strange to see him change on the field, because of his desire to win. Even on the training pitch, just in an easy game, four against four, he's always on the line, and his desire is so big that sometimes he goes over it. It happened a lot at Atletico because the training was so crazy.

Source: Sun via Mail.

The Dr. Costa and Mr. Diego thing our striker has going on is pretty amusing, and since the only person who's figured out how to deal with it effectively is David Luiz (whom we hopefully won't have to deal with for ages) it's a real weapon in our arsenal. But beyond the unbridled rage, you have to admire Costa's sheer bloody-mindedness in refusing to go down quietly, even when he's not having the best game.

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