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Mourinho shines in hilarious press conference

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho was understandably annoyed during today's press conference, less about the disappointing result on Wednesday than the barrage of silly (really, I should say sillier than usual) questions he was forced to field. In between berating a journalist for an overabundance of pessimism and coming up with some frankly hilarious quotes, we did get some team news -- nobody's injured, for what it's worth -- but mostly this was a day for Jose to Jose and for his audience to fidget uncomfortably.

Some highlights:

On surrounding the referees:

On Jamie Carragher:

On whether players will hide after the PSG upset:

On people being jealous of Chelsea:

Envy is the biggest tribute that the shadows do to the man.

This cheered me right up.

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