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The Daily Hilario: 16-year riff

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We discussed this briefly in yesterday's Hilario, but here it is anyway.  New MUSE!  An occasion that's generally quite exciting.  This time...

I mean, it's decent.

Silly lyrics -- is the drill sergeant in the final album cut, too? -- but that's par for the course with MUSE.  Surely, nobody listens to MUSE for the lyrics.  It's got a riff that hits you hot and heavy, it's got a good bass line (obviously), and it makes lots of noise.  Check, check, check.

But as I listened the first couple times, I couldn't escape the feeling that I've heard this before.  And sure enough, it was used for years as Stockholm Syndrome's outro when played live.  6:04 mark:

And then, it turns out that they've been sitting on this thing since 1999.  16 years!  The riff has existed for a decade and a half and THIS is what they produce out of it?  Come on, man...

The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am.  The song remains decent.  Decent, but disappointing.

Psycho is set to be the last track on the new album dropping this summer.  Hopefully the rest of it is better.


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