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David Luiz apologizes for celebration; Mourinho wants UEFA to rescind Ibrahimovic red card

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The dust is starting to settle on what was an extremely feisty Wednesday night affair, from the pre-match chirping to the on-pitch fouls and handbags and flying elbows.  The red card truly lit the powder keg, and, especially for PSG, emotions took over.  We could've used a bit more (controlled) emotion, too; alas, it was not meant to be.

But after the battle, we try to make amends.

"I finished at Chelsea and then I got a great opportunity from PSG - they gave me a great opportunity to continue my career and I was very happy at Chelsea and won titles here but I finished and then I respect everyone."

"It was good for me to score. I said before I didn't celebrate but there as so much emotion I cannot control (it) and sorry because I celebrated because of the emotion but I am so happy to qualify."

-David Luiz; source: Mail

Wonder if David also apologized to Diego Costa for that sneaky elbow he threw in the striker's face behind the referee's back, though I'm sure Diego got his own (and he did get away with pushing Marquinhos to the ground, also behind the referee's back).

For all his credentials, it was not exactly a good performance from Mr. Bjorn Kuipers, who seemed to lose complete control over the match for the rest of the first half after red card.  Speaking of which, most would seem to agree that the Zlatan Ibrahimovic sending off was rather harsh.  Reckless, sure.  But he did pull his legs back so his studs wouldn't show.

While Zlatan decried the reaction of the Chelsea players (calling them "11 babies"), the referee had seemed to make up his mind long before Terry could trample on Oscar.  The red card was already out as the crowd gathered (and Oscar writhed around theatrically -- but he's not that sort of player, right?).  This particular crowd has drawn its own crowd of media comments, too, but I hardly need to tell you about those.  People pretend like this doesn't happen with basically any big decision in any big or small league.  Et tu, Gary Neville?

In any case, Mourinho tried to smooth things over with the PSG striker.

"I spoke with Zlatan after the game and he's always honest with me. He would tell me if it was a (justified) red card, and he was very disappointed. If he did nothing wrong, I hope they can minimise the mistake and let him play the quarter-final."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Guardian

(Though UEFA probably won't like Mourinho calling their fourth official behind the goal a useless waste of space.  And I'm not really paraphrasing there much.)

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