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Chelsea vs. PSG, Champions League: Second half thread

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Well, that was intense.  And we have 45 more minutes of it to go!  (At least.)

Chelsea have played pretty well, pressing hard early, then dropping off a bit.  Then all hell broke loose, so I'm not even sure who was in control.

The big incident that everyone will talk about is the red card to Zlatan, which looks harsh on replay but was not that surprising in real-time.  Oscar got the ball first and Zlatan dove in a bit recklessly.  He may have initially had his studs showing, but whipped them back when he realized that he wasn't going to get there.  Still, the force of the collision whipped Oscar around, who then added to it with a bit of a flourish.  But by that time (and by the time everybody crowded around), the referee already had his red card out.

He then "evened" things out by not giving a clear penalty on Edinson Cavani's foul on Diego Costa.  Meanwhile, Verratti still doesn't have a yellow somehow, and David Luiz got away with an elbow on Costa.  Chelsea, for the most part, are keeping composed.  So it remains 0-0.

Our plan is clear: exploit Marquinhos, and that's working fairly well.  Keep doing that, and we should have our goal or two.  PSG will have to push forward, they are eliminated if they don't score, regardless of what Chelsea do.


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