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Chelsea 2 - PSG 2 (PSG through on away goals): Initial reaction and community rating form

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Chelsea are out of the Champions League, after conceding two goals from set pieces that PSG desperately needed. The Blues didn't do enough despite playing 90 minutes with a man advantage, and the French champions will now await the quarterfinal draw.


  • This PSG side has the same sort of balance issues that Manchester City did before adding guys like Yaya Toure, David Silva, and Sergio Aguero. The talent is certainly there, but there's just something missing when you put all the pieces together. I just can't picture them winning the Champions League this season, despite getting by the Blues.
  • While I'm very appreciative, of the red card shown to Zlatan, that was a ridiculous decision from the referee. A yellow would have been harsh given the way this tie had been refereed up to that point.
  • Zlatan was unfortunate to be sent to the shower, David Luiz absolutely should have several minutes later when he threw an elbow into the face of Diego Costa. Five second angry, indeed. I still love Sideshow, though, even after he scored.
  • I'm pretty sure Costa isn't ever going to get a penalty decision again. That said, he's pretty lucky he didn't get sent off when he flattened Marquinhos.
  • I thought Oscar was excellent during the first half, but taking him off at the half due to the yellow card was absolutely the right decision. It's just a shame Ramires stayed on.
  • If someone ever decided to make a drinking game involving Ramires' first touch, they'd die.I bet it would be a fun way to go, though.
  • Marco Verratti just has one of those faces...

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