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Mourinho ‘surprised’ by PSG aggression

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Three weeks ago at the Parc des Princes, Chelsea were kicked pretty much all the way back to England. The Blues got a vital away goal and a 1-1 draw, which is better than they managed the last time they headed to France, but they weren't really allowed to play football. Eden Hazard in particular was hacked down whenever possible, and with Paris Saint-Germain hitting him with as many players as possible there weren't even that many cards to be seen.

Jose Mourinho remembers, and Jose Mourinho is unimpressed:

The manager is perhaps chirping a bit too much here, considering he'd be more than happy to do the same if the circumstances were reversed, but ignoring that it looks like he's trying to put a little bit of pressure on the Parisians (or, more realistically, the officials) to be a little less destructive in tomorrow's match. If that works, Hazard vs. Marquinhos on the Chelsea left could get fun.

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