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David Luiz set to move back to defence for Chelsea-PSG match

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

One of the more annoying features of Chelsea's 1-1 draw against Paris Saint-Germain three weeks ago was former Blue David Luiz running around in the PSG midfield, merrily blowing everything up. Aided by a friendly referee, the Brazilian shut down everything in the centre, nullifying our play and contributing significantly to our spending the second half under the cosh. It was very, very irritating.

And therefore Laurent Blanc has decided to move him back to centre half for the return match.

Granted, David Luiz was only in midfield in the first place because of injuries to Thiago Motta and Yohan Cabaye, but he did such a superb job there that I was expecting him to reprise the role. But the Telegraph says that he'll be paired with Thiago Silva in the PSG defence, which, if true, will probably lead to Cesc Fabregas's shins throwing a happy little party. Diego Costa sparring with Sideshow Bob should provide some amusement on Wednesday ...

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