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Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur, Capital One Cup: Second half

Clive Mason/Getty Images

A single heart-in-mouth moment each from Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen aside, Chelsea have kept Spurs at bay quite well.  The Zouma as the bottom tip of a midfield triangle with Fabregas and Ramires experiment is working decently enough, I suppose.  They do look faster than us, but perhaps some of that will fade as the second half wears on.

At the other end, it's not been fun.  Costa's been largely isolated, Hazard keeps losing the ball, Willian & Ramires seem to be making more bad passes than good ones, while Fabregas isn't even making any passes.  Both full backs have been very conservative and hardly involved in the attack.

But when in doubt, score on a set piece.  It was maybe just the second time Ivanovic even crossed the halfway line, but he won a foul on a lazy play by Chadli, and Willian's cross caused havoc in a static and panicky Spurs defense.  Terry found himself wide open six yards from goal and made no mistake.

Neither team is really concerned with keeping possession, playing a very direct and very 1-v-1 dribbley game.  Which I guess makes it a fun watch for the neutral, but a bit frustrating as a non-neutral.

But, we're one up and 45 minutes away from lifting a trophy.  Come on Chelsea!

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