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Filipe Luís responds to transfer rumor nonsense with Twitter love

Does this look like a man who's unhappy?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

I'm not going to bother linking to any of the nonsense that started circulating earlier today and late yesterday, so if you're really interested in giving all those outlets their undeserved page clicks, you'll have to search for them yourselves.

The gist of the nonsense -- even calling them rumors might lend way too much credibility -- is that Filipe Luís has told ex-teammate João Miranda that he'd like nothing more than to return to Atlético Madrid because life in England is brutish and depressing and Chelsea are doodyheads for not playing him regularly.  I guess starting about 50 percent of the games in the first half of the season at a brand new club, while also being injured at times, is grounds for getting so upset that you are willing to uproot your family once again and leave.

(And that's before we consider the absolute insanity of dragging Diego Costa into this story as well as another ex-Atlético man who wants to leave already!)

Given how enthusiastic and excited Filipe was when he arrived, one would have to think that's all nonsense and that he'd be a bit more patient, mature, and reasonable than that.  It's not like his competition for available places has changed in the meantime.

Sure enough, if his last two Twitter posts are any indication, he's content enough with his current lot in life.

Unless those three hearts are meant for mangoes, which are excellent, and also the official color of the pink Nike Incyte ball.

Unless he's blaming Oscar for his troubles?  You never know what's hiding underneath that smile...

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