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Villa boss criticises Chelsea for saying things in Portuguese, praising his squad

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Back in the early days of autumn, Jose Mourinho drew the ire of both Paul Lambert and then-assistant Roy Keane by wandering over to shake their hands before the final whistle of a routine 3-0 win at Stamford Bridge. And that grudge was not forgotten by a man who looks increasingly unhinged.

On Mourinho praising Villa's players:

Maybe he is trying to put pressure on me, I don’t know.

Source: Mail.

The idea that Mourinho would care enough about the manager of a relegation-threatened team (whom he won't play again until next season) to put media pressure on him is pretty amusing, isn't it?

On someone in the Chelsea dugout saying something to him, which induced overcoat-throwing rage:

It was something said but not by Jose. He is a great manager, it is fantastic what the guy has done, I would love to learn from him as football manager but I wouldn’t like to learn things off the pitch from somebody in his dugout. I don’t know what was said - I don’t speak Portuguese, maybe he doesn’t speak Glaswegian.

In other words, Paul Lambert was angry over a) Mourinho saying he had a good, unpredictable team and b) someone saying something in Portuguese that he couldn't understand. Perhaps he needs a long holiday somewhere where he can relax -- I'm sure most Villa fans would endorse such a move.

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