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A Chelsea player will wear #74 after all, just not at Chelsea

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Juan Cuadrado may have passed on wearing #74 on the back of his Chelsea shirt (for whatever reason), but it looks like a Chelsea player will wear the number anyway for the rest of the season.  With one big caveat:  he won't exactly be playing for Chelsea.  He will be playing for Cuadrado's old club Fiorentina instead!  How very mirror image-y.

Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah will wear the No.74 shirt during his loan spell at Fiorentina.

-source: Mirror

While Cuadrado was supposedly wanting to wear it as the two digits added up to 11 (his favorite number), Salah's intentions are a bit more grandiose.  He will wear it in tribute to the victims of the biggest disaster in Egyptian football history.  On February 1, 2012, 74 people died in a violent clash between supporters of El Masry and El Ahly at Port Said stadium.

A nice move from young Mo Salah.  Hopefully his game develops on the pitch just as nicely as well.

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