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Andre Schurrle says goodbye to the great fans of a great club

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Oh, André, Mr. #behappy André Schürrle...

You were supposed to be the chosen one!  The one who loved the club as much as any fan.  The one who had been enamored with Chelsea royal blue since his teens, watching the imperious Michael Ballack dominate the midfield alongside Michael Essien and Frank Lampard.  The one who got the club, the rivalries, the history, the expectations from day one.  The one who wanted to help Chelsea fans troll Spurs and Arsenal fans.  The one who wanted to play in London for glamorous Chelsea above all else.

I want to thank everyone at Chelsea FC for the amazing time I had at this great club!! It's been a real pleasure to wear this shirt!! Thank you so much to all the fans for the great support and love you showed me!! All the best to the team, I hope you can win everything!! Great people!! And now I'm looking forward to be successful with my new team and club!!! Can't wait to play:)) #thankyou

But something somewhere somehow went wrong.  Is it us?  Was it you?  Was it the injuries?  The mystery illness?  The drop in form?  The inability to mesh with the new additions this summer (despite the early combination with Cesc Fàbregas for a goal of the season candidate against Burnley)?  Something else entirely?  World Cup hangover?  Was there not quite enough luxury ham and cheese at Harrods?  We might never know.

The numbers are forgettable -- 65 appearances, 14 goals -- the personality less so.  But eventually that, too, shall fade.  And then, I will be sad no more.

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