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Chelsea vs. Tottenham: You choose the squad

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho will certainly want to field his strongest possible squad on Sunday, as we've reached the point in the competition where all Chelsea fans will definitely care about getting results in the League Cup. Following a full week of rest, the squad ought to be relatively fresh as they look for a bit of revenge against Tottenham.

Fresh or not, the midfield won't be at 100% on Sunday. Nemanja Matic is out serving the first game of his two-match ban, while his natural replacement (of sorts) John Obi Mikel is dealing with injury issues at the moment. That likely means a midfield pivot of Ramires and Cesc Fabregas, though I've included some other names for you to select if you so choose.

Speaking of selections, the usual form is attached at the bottom of the page, waiting for you to fill it out. Feel free to keep up with the results by clicking this link.