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Stoke City boss Mark Hughes would 'love to' keep Victor Moses beyond this season

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

And now for something completely ... expected.

"Victor [Moses] is still a Chelsea player, we're very pleased with what he's producing.  We have given him the opportunity and he's in a good place."

"We'd ideally love to be able to take him if we can but that won't be our decision.  Things have to fall in place but if there was an opportunity to bring Victor next season we'd love to do it.  It will be discussed at the end of the season, we will see how far it can go. But his profile is being raised so it is a two-edged sword."

"Would he get the opportunity his talents deserve back at Chelsea?  We like to think we would be a consideration for him almost certainly."

-Mark Hughes, Stoke City manager; source: Mail

After a year lost in the Liverpool wilderness -- though that miss against Crystal Palace miss was some peak Agenting, I must say -- Victor Moses seems to have found a good home in Stoke.  While he will still have two years left on his contract in the summer, and it's not to say he couldn't possibly have a role at Chelsea, but he certainly wouldn't be the main man like he is for Mark Hughes.  Surely, it's in his own and Stoke's best interest to work out a deal here.

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