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Another loan failure for Islam Feruz, set to return early from Blackpool

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  It's just not happening for young Islam Feruz.  Having been sent to Blackpool for the rest of the season in January, he's set to head back to Chelsea after just 16 minutes of playing time.

Ok, maybe it just didn't work out for one reason or another.  It happens.  Sometimes it happens in series, like it has for Feruz for the third time this year.  That's pretty weird, but it could just be one of those things.  But then you read the linked article and...

"It hasn't worked out for him here for one reason or another.  Between Islam, his agent and agent we are looking to send him back as it hasn't happened for him here."

"It's not about your background, it's the way you perform in training and off the field which gives you a place in the team."

Uh-oh ... "off the field?"

Feruz was another to court controversy on social media this week with a tweet following Tuesday's defeat at Brentford.  The 19-year-old wrote "This team take more kick-offs than corners' before later claiming he wasn't referring to the Seasiders.  And Clark said his words have nothing to do with the decision to send him back.

So they claim the tweet had nothing to do with anything.  Why is it gone then from the self-proclaimed "Controversial One's" timeline?  And even if the cover story is true, it still adds yet another weird episode to Feruz's year and recent career, which just in the past six months has included a jaunt to Russia, wasted months in Greece, and a failed trial in Wales.

"We've been working for a couple of weeks with Chelsea about ending the loan. It is better if Islam returns to Chelsea."

"There's been a lot of dialogue and it's been decided this is the right time for him to go back."

What in the world is going on with the once so promising Islam Feruz?  He's claimed he's ready to work hard, get fit, and come back strong.  Well...

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