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Chelsea set to ditch Samsung for ludicrous amounts of money, according to reports

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Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Chelsea's deal with Samsung isn't looking like a great one for Chelsea, based on some of the recent deals signed by Premier League competitors. A report in The Telegraph, however, suggests that the Blues have found a new sponsor, and that they'll be paying them over double what the club have been making with Samsung:

Chelsea are ready to sign off the second-largest shirt sponsorship deal in English football history with Yokohama Rubber.

It is understood the Yokohama agreement is worth almost £40m-a-year, which will push Chelsea ahead of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City in the shirt sponsorship table. Only Manchester United have a more lucrative deal, having netted £53m-a-year from Chevrolet.

If true, then wow. Between the new television money coming when the current deal expires, and the silly amounts of money for a new shirt sponsor, the Blues look like they'll be able to spend whatever they want in the transfer market. I guess we ought to start talking about what number Paul Pogba will be wearing at Chelsea, then.