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Michael Ballack in 2010 predicted that Matic will be ten times the player he was

Nemanja Matic week continues at Chelsea Football Club, though this time in a slightly more positive fashion than endless complaints about the Barnes incident(s) or refereeing clown-shows or FA injustices or multi-game suspensions. Not that I believe those complaints to be unjustified, mind, but it's nice to switch gears every once in a while.

With that in mind, here's a teaser for a Nemanja Matic TV special, coming soon to a Chelsea TV near you. A couple noteworthy things about this teaser: one, it's a video longer than 20 seconds on the Chelsea YouTube channel (whaaaaaat?) and, two, it contains a lovely story by comedian and Chelsea fan Omad Djalili. Apparently Michael Ballack predicted greatness for Matic way back in 2010, which you might think would've been a safe prediction, but Matic's early career was filled with key people underestimating* him at critical times -- as evidenced by Chelsea packaging him off to Benfica and third party owners cashing out for half a million and the Portuguese club making the big man wait for his opportunities. Plus, Ballack famously predicted greatness for Gael Kakuta, too, and that hasn't quite materialized just yet.

* it should be noted that our very Steve Schmidt thought selling Matic would be a move that would "come back to haunt" Chelsea. Nostraschmidtmus.

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