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The Daily Hilario: Debooting the World Cup

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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I learned a new word today, though I'm not sure that it is an actual word: "deboot."  It's like a reboot (of, say, a movie or TV series) but dark & gritty.  So just about any remake nowadays.  Thanks, Christopher Nolan!

It was used by our friends over at The Verge to describe the parody Power Rangers video that was making the Internet rounds in the last 12 hours or so.  So fresh!

Ironically, the video was so well done and featured just enough A(-ish)-list talent (Van der Beek, Sackhoff) -- ok, maybe B-ish-list -- that most didn't even blink at the over-the-top violence and sexuality (at least in the R-rated version).  Perhaps the joke's just a bit too high concept, but it was definitely intended to parody all the gritty reboots, one of which just might be Power Rangers themselves next year.  Yey?

Here's the PG-13 version:


Speaking of deboots, here's FIFA trying their hand at the dark & gritty, except for them it's more like blatant & corrupt & full-of-lies.  The promised they would control the weather!  Magical magicky air-conditioning!  Turns out they just meant that they'll move it from the summer.  See, it turns out it's really hot in Qatar in the summer, so we turned summer into winter! (Well, whatever passes for "winter" in Qatar.)  We turned summer into somewhat more bearable summer!  It's like the little joke you play on children.  "Hey, check it out, I can wiggle my ears!"  And then you grab your ears with your fingers and wiggle them.

There's no way they can actually get away with this, right?  No way they can sell the inconvenience to all the teams, associations, media, sponsors, etc, right?  Then again, who knows what sorts of dark powers Blatter's able to wield...  His power may in fact be limitless.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.00:  UEFA Youth League, Round of 16:  Chelsea U19 vs. Zenit St. Petersburg U19 (not televised because of stupid UEFA regulations that prevent Youth League games from being shown at the same time as Champions League games)
19.45:  Champions League, Round of 16, first leg:  Bayer Leverkusen vs. Atlético Madrid
19.45:  Champions League, Round of 16, first leg:  Arsenal vs. Monaco
22.45:  Copa Libertadores, Group 1:  Atlético Mineiro vs. Atlas
03.00 (next day):  Copa MX, Group 1:  Querétaro vs. Santos Laguna

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