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Mourinho: Managing a player is like tailoring a suit made to measure

And other things we can learn from Sports Illustrated's big feature on Chelsea Football Club.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Grant Wahl is a name that should be familiar to most football (err... soccer) fans in America.  And maybe some football fans, too, but I'm not sure he covers the NFL anymore.  What he does cover is European football and a bit of MLS, and backed by the power of Sports Illustrated and his own conviction as the "leading soccer journalist in the United States," he gets plum assignments like spending a week in London to try to answer the question of Chelsea's identity.  Whatever that may mean.

If you watch the following slick production, you might find out.  In all honesty, it's a very nice video with some good parts, though the narration is not one of them.

There are a couple bonus videos as well, one with Didier Drogba and the other with Jose Mourinho.  I'm embedding the Jose one since his is more interesting.  Head over to SI to watch the rest.

It should be noted that Mourinho makes a pretty grievous error in this interview, claiming that Chelsea hadn't won anything before he arrived,  that we were "never champions."  I mean, WHAT!?  José, how could you??  For shame.

While it's true that technically we hadn't won the Premier League (est. 1992) before his arrival, last time I checked 1955 (or those FA Cups and Cup Winnner's Cups, for that matter), hadn't been erased from the record books.

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