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Is Mourinho's Campaign Against the Campaign Working?

José Mourinho is investing more time on his own campaign trail even appearing on Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports, his (not so) favorite pundit network.

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GUEST: Clayton Beerman, Season Ticket Holder (Matthew Harding Upper)

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Match Review

Chelsea F.C. vs. Burnley F.C.

Barclays Premier League


Brandon: CFC 3-0 Clarets

Dan: CFC 4-0 Clarets

Nick: CFC 3-1 Clarets

Jesus: CFC 5-1 Clarets


  1. Was Nemanja Matić justified in his reaction?

  2. Is José Mourinho taking his "anti-Chelsea campaign" too far?

  3. Is the refereeing standard sub-par this season? Is technology the answer?

Upcoming Match

Chelsea F.C. vs. Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Capital One Cup FINAL

Brandon: Blues 1-1 Spurs (win in kicks)

Dan: Blues 1-0 Spurs

Nick: Blues 3-1 Spurs

Clayton: Blues 2-1 Spurs

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