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Ivanovic can't stop scoring, Chelsea lead Burnley at the break

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

After a bit of a struggle in the second half in Paris, Chelsea looked very good in the first 45 minutes against Burnley. Branislav Ivanovic got things going with an early goal to put the Blues up 1-0, a simple tap-in which came off of some fantastic play from Eden Hazard to dribble around the entire Burnley squad in the box.

Ivanovic probably should have earned Hazard a chance from the spot a bit later in the first half, but the obvious handball apparently wasn't blatant enough to earn a whistle from the referee. Neither was a Burnley defender pushing Diego Costa over in the penalty box with two hands. Jose Mourinho should be loving this.

While the Blues will certainly feel like they probably should have scored another goal or two going forward, they'll have to be pleased with the defensive work thus far. Burnley have yet do do anything which looks remotely dangerous, George Boyd fouls aside. If Chelsea can find a second goal, they ought to be able to comfortably see out the game, and increase the lead to ten ahead of Manchester City's match against Newcastle.