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The Daily Hilario: Unreasonable excitement at winning meaningless things

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Thursday was quite a day in the Land of DPeezy when it came to winning things at random deck-building games.  First, on my phone, I set a new personal high score of 170 in Ascension (just the original, no expansion packs, on "hard AI").  I have no idea how good this is outside of my personal little world, but it felt good.

Then, in Hearthstone, I got my first 12-win arena run, hit 1000 wins in total in all game modes, and got my golden Priest hero for winning 500 with the class.  With the influx of in-game gold, I bought 10 packs and opened a (crappy) legendary (Mogor the Ogre).  Yes, you care.  Or you don't.  You probably don't.  You definitely shouldn't.  But it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to!


Sounds like the blowhard shock-jock got a bit too confrontational on Twitter over one thing or another and BT Sport dropped his attention-seeking bee-hind off their roster.  It hardly even matters why this all happened, or whether you like him or not, or whether he's in the right or not, or whether what he was saying has merit or not -- one less professional troll on the airwaves who cannot see the football world beyond extreme opinions one way or the other is a good thing.  His brand punditry is more incite-ful than insightful, and that's not what we should demand as a discerning football audience.

(BT aren't the first to drop Collymore, by the way; BBC did it just last year.)

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
12.30:  José Mourinho press conference (LIVE)
19.30:  Bundesliga, 18th vs. 15th:  VfB Stuttgart vs. BVB
19.45:  Serie A, 1st vs. 17th:  Juventus vs. Atalanta
19.45:  Scottish Championship, 6th vs. 3rd:  Raith Rovers vs. Rangers

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