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Cesc Fabregas accused of bus fisticuffs

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

We haven't had any big news on deadline day just yet, although everyone's expecting Chelsea to shuffle a few pieces around before the end of the window. Instead, what we have is the rumour that injured midfielder Cesc Fabregas has ... punched a bus?

Last Wednesday -- if you believe the combination of Twitter whisperings and the Evening Standard, which I'm not sure I do -- Fabregas cut off the bus driver in London and then got involved in a heated exchange in which the bus driver told him he was a [bad] footballer, driving off and then returning to the scene to PUNCH THE BUS IN THE FACE WINDSHIELD.

I'm not sure what to make of this other than that it's the perfect recipe for jokes, of which the inimitable @NoltsRebecca has the best I've seen:

I'm sure that there's a 'park the bus' zinger in here somewhere too...