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Chelsea suspend three from Stamford Bridge after Paris Metro incident

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Acting with speed and efficiency that would make even The FA jealous, Chelsea Football Club have released the following statement regarding Tuesday's racist abuse incident on the Paris Metro, in which video evidence clearly shows the involvement of Chelsea fans.

Chelsea Football Club is suspending three people from Stamford Bridge as a result of investigations into the incident on the Paris Metro on Tuesday evening.

If it is deemed there is sufficient evidence of their involvement in the incident, the club will issue banning orders for life.

We have received substantial information to date following our witness appeal and we are grateful to the many Chelsea supporters who have provided information so far.

Our investigations are on-going and we would request any further information is sent to

We also continue to cooperate fully with the Metropolitan and Paris police forces who lead the ongoing criminal investigation.

-source: Chelsea FC

Very glad to see the club's prompt and decisive action.  We have a lot of work to do to repair the damage done by the abhorrent behavior of this small group of fans, but it's nice to hear that we're taking steps already.

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