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Chelsea vs. Burnley: You choose the squad

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

With all of the off the pitch stuff surrounding the club at the moment, it will be nice to get back to football again on Saturday. On paper, this should be a fairly straightforward match, as Burnley are mostly terrible, and Chelsea will be at home.

That said, Jose Mourinho has the luxury of more than a full week to rest his squad following the Burnley match, before heading to Wembley to face Tottenham in the League Cup final. He's had a few players dealing with injury or illness of late, and while he might rotate a few places because of that fact, it seems likely that he'll go with a mostly full-strength squad as he looks to keep the cushion at seven points of more as the calendar turns to March.

We're not asking what you think Mourinho would do, though, we're concerned with what you would do if place in charge of the club. With that in mind, we've attached a form for you to use to make your selections. As always, you can check in on the rest of the voting by clicking this link.