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Chelsea fans bring shame on club with racist video

Chelsea fans had an unhappy time in Paris last year and it seems like things have gone even worse for the club this year. The Guardian have just released video of Blues supporters -- and yes, they're singing about the club -- preventing a black man from boarding a train at a metro stop and then loudly taking pride in their racism.

This, one imagine, has a lot to do with being drunk and in a mob, but it's still utterly, utterly appalling to be associated with. Racism has never been ok, and it's flabbergasting to see it continue in so public a forum in 2015. Chelsea are a club with fans and players from all over the world, and to see this sort of thing is infuriating. It's not funny or clever, and it's a black mark on the eye of a club that doesn't need it.

I'm a fan of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Chelsea Football Club. And, I think most other Chelsea supporters, from London to India, feel the same way too. Racism: just say no.

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