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PSG vs. Chelsea: Second half thread

Clive Rose/Getty Images

A tight, tactical, cagey, disciplined affair on display for the first 35 minutes in Paris was broken by the unlikeliest of combinations in open play.  Retaining possession after a broken set piece, John Terry found himself with the ball on the left wing of all places.  He wasted no time in swinging in a cross -- it's not like he's going take his man down the line -- it wasn't the greatest cross you'll ever see, low and easily clearable, but it reached Gary Cahill anyway.  Cahill can certainly score from a cross, but not usually such a low one.  So he just flicked a boot at it, executing a perfect backheel touch to loop the ball up for Ivanovic to leap onto and guide it into the back of the net.  Terry to Cahill to Ivanovic, from open play.  Just how we drew it up.

That's Goal-machine Ivanovic's 30th goal for Chelsea.  And it's the away goal, which proved decisive last year, just as it has in many Champions League ties before.

The rest of half played out as the first 35 minutes, with the only real danger being Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  Though it is quite the danger, and so far he's made Cahill and Terry look like small children whenever given the chance.

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