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Marco Verratti attempts difficult jinx, predicts Chelsea will thrash PSG

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First of all, let's amuse ourselves watching Cesc Fabregas and Marco Verratti go for the rarely executed double-interview in which both participants seem to thoroughly amuse themselves. Yes, I know it's scripted and that half of it's in Italian. But it's fun anyway, especially the very end ...

Fabregas: Who will win this match?
Verratti: Chelsea
(long pause)
Fabregas: I don't get it.

That's funny enough without the translation, but according to the Mail here's what Verratti had to say for himself afterwards:

I think they'll beat us 4-0! We Italians are very superstitious so before the game we prefer to predict that the opponents will win.

Apparently we riled up Paris-Saint Germain so badly last year that they're resorting to elaborate on-camera jinxes to avoid a similar result this year. Well two can play at that game, Marco -- let's use our jinxes for good!

I predict that a massive asteroid will hit western Europe mid-game and that the resulting catastrophe will be so injurious to humanity that only scattered remnant of civilisation will survive.