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PSG continue to be obsessed with Eden Hazard

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

If you thought that a mere new contract would stop Paris Saint-Germain casting smouldering looks at every one of our players they un-secretly covet, think again. For Brazilian centre half Thiago Silva has decided that the prospect of Eden Hazard joining the French outfit is real and worth talking about.

[Hazard] is not just good, he is very good! If he really comes, he will be very welcome. All their players are very accomplished, but I believe the Brazilians always make the difference, plus Hazard.

Source: Mail.

Gosh. The man signed a new contract all of four days ago and you're trying to get him to Paris? Look, I lived in Paris. I understand the charm. It's a great city, and they have a ... [looks at the Ligue 1 table] ... uh ... great team. But seriously? FOUR DAYS. [FUN] OFF, THIAGO.

Hope Eden scores a goal or three as punishment for their temerity.

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