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Lucas Piazon reiterates desire to stay at Eintracht Frankfurt beyond this season

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Just a month into his loan -- a month that treated the 20-year-old quite well in fairness -- Lucas Piazon was dropping hints of wanting to stay on a less temporary basis at Eintracht Frankfurt.  While that seemed a bit hasty, his desires were soon backed up by the German club's leadership, who claimed that they will do everything they can to keep Piazon for at least another season, even if they have to resort to a loan once again.

Then it got a bit quiet (or we stopped paying attention), and other than a couple goals and a very loud t-shirt, Piazon didn't make too many waves.  Not surprising, I suppose, once we see that he's made just 1 start in the last 3 months.  So perhaps it's a bit odd that the desire for a permanent move or at least an extended loan is still present.  Even the euphoria of such a well-taken goal as on the weekend shouldn't distract from the fact that Piazon has played a grand total of 213 minutes since the end of October (and 45 of those came yesterday).

And yet...

"The game in the Bundesliga was not me at first - very physical and fast. But I learn and improve myself. I feel good."

"I would like to stay."

-Lucas Piazon; source: BILD via Google Translate

Odd that he claims that he was struggling with the German game when he was actually playing and starting regularly early in the season, and now that he's barely a sub, he wants to stay.  But that's what he said apparently.  But then just a few weeks ago he said he's sure that he'll get a chance with Chelsea, too!  Sure, maybe he means another loan to Frankfurt first.  And then back to Chelsea?  All this apparent indecision and confusion, it's all a bit Lukaku-esque, if I'm being honest.  What do you want, Lucas?!

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