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Who Should Start: Čech or Courtois?

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After Petr Čech's phenomenal performance against Everton, the question of who should be the starter is being asked. Courtois has the long-term potential, but Čech is the ready-made champion.

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Last Week's Results

Chelsea 1-0 Everton
Premier League


Brandon: CFC 3-1 Toffees
Dan: CFC 2-1 Toffees
Nick: CFC 2-0 Toffees


  1. How do you follow Chelsea matches at work?

  2. Who should be the #1 keeper: Petr Čech or Thibaut Courtois?

  3. Jon Obi Mikel says Chelsea's best player is between Eden Hazard and Willian - thoughts?

Upcoming Games

Chelsea vs. Paris Saint-Germain
Champions League


Brandon: CFC 2-2 Les Parisiens
Nick: CFC 2-1 Les Parisiens
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