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World's most expensive defender believes Chelsea are better, stronger, and more balanced this season

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Since we're giving angry little trolls like Samir Nasri front page space, let's balance things out by giving some time to wonderful big-hearted crazy (but in a good way) people like David Luiz, too.

Since he left me us for a world record fee, Sideshow's made world news by being on the receiving end of a cruel and unusual beatdown at the World Cup, by being named rather inexplicably in FIFA's World XI in January, and by being the one constant in the revolving door that is PSG's often injured and often underperforming back line.  In the meantime, he continues to be a most awesome human being of course.

With Chelsea heading off to Paris next week, the once and future Geezer-king has been speaking of his old club.  You won't be shocked to learn that he's got nothing but nice words for us.

"Chelsea are better this season.  Above all, they are better balanced following the arrival of Fabregas. He's perhaps the player they were missing: he balances the midfield, makes the team play well and knows how to hold on to the ball from time-to-time."

"With the arrival of Diego Costa - a warrior forward who always wants to score and challenge defenders - and the continuity provided by Mourinho in the dugout, it's logical Chelsea are stronger this season."

Not even five-second-angry words, not even when it comes to talking about Jose Mourinho.

"I still have a good relationship with him. Mourinho is someone who works in the same way with all his players, without making any difference between them. People have tried to find a problem between Jose and me, but that problem has never existed."

Of course David wants and craves success with PSG.  Ideally, he would've faced Chelsea only in the final, but he has faith that his team will succeed where they failed last season.  He talks about taking them "as far as possible," about playing to their strengths and playing to win.  But it turns out that you can wish your own team success and still respect your opposition.

If only were more David Luizes in the world, there would be no more wars.  It was true back then; it is still true now.

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