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No charge for Ivanovic, FA charges Chelsea and Everton instead

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Common sense dictated that the FA weren't ever going to charge Branislav Ivanovic for his actions when tempers flared late in Wednesday's match against Everton. After all, the referee was only inches away with a clear look at events (see the image above), and didn't deem it worthy of a yellow card, let alone a red and a suspension.

Sure enough, no action will be taken in terms of player discipline in this case:

Don't worry, though, as the FA weren't going to let the opportunity to slap someone on the wrist pass without taking the chance to do so:

Sorry, Everton. It's a shame you needed to be the collateral damage when the FA made a 'statement' by handing out charges for an altercation barely worthy of mention. At least you weren't the subject of ridiculous headlines, though. Hopefully you have enough in the piggy bank to pay the inevitable fine, I'm sure Chelsea do.

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