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Media response to Ivanovic flashpoint: predictably hilarious

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DID HE BITE HIM??!?!! Er ... no.
DID HE BITE HIM??!?!! Er ... no.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

When Branislav Ivanovic got himself in a spot of bother just before we managed to break the deadlock against Everton, I think everyone who supports Chelsea was bracing for the worst. Not because he did anything very wrong -- the 'headlock' was fairly obviously nonsense and there wasn't enough force in the 'headbutt' to even mildly inconvenience a gerbil -- but because the reaction was so thoroughly predictable.

And our boys in the media sure did come through!

Mostly I'm posting this because I am absolutely in love with what I think is the Mirror's headline in top left. "Ivanovic in butt storm as Chelsea charge on"? I can think of no more appropriate way to describe his Herculean charges up the right wing than a 'butt storm'. As for the rest -- the did 'he bite him's and the 'Ivanovic responsible for the Asiatic Vespers's and etc etc etc -- [fun] right off with that.

I get that Chelsea are their favourite tiger to poke right now, because Jose Mourinho makes everything more fun when you annoy him, but this is getting silly. Go away.