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Palermo trying to woo a Chelsea bid for Paulo Dybala

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

As the Ivanovic "incident" threatens to go nuclear like a runaway reaction fed by metric tonnes of media BS, here are some actual real things to talk about.  Well, as real as things said by certified madman Maurizio Zamparini can get.  Zamparini is the president of Palermo, and, if you're unfamiliar, he's basically all the lunatic owners and presidents and chairmen and directors in football rolled into one.  He fires managers like they're part of his complete daily breakfast, for example.

Last time we had to deal with motor-mouth Zamparini was over Javier Pastore, and he jerked us around until eventually selling the player to PSG instead in a massive deal comprised of equal parts money, mystery, and shady dealings.  So take anything he says with a huge grain of salt and an even bigger dose of anti-crazy medicine.

"[Juventus director] Marotta called me and I told him that I'd love to sell him to Juve because at least he would remain in Italy. I also said I do not think you have enough money to sign him. They do not have the big money or have oil money like Nasser [Al-Khelaïfi, PSG chairman] and Abramovich."

-Maurizio Zamparini; source: Tuttosport via Sport Witness

This follows a similar comment from earlier in the day.

"I'd give him to Juventus. Marotta has asked about him, but I don't do discounts. He's also wanted by Chelsea and PSG."

-Maurizio Zamparini; source: TMW via Sport Witness

Clearly looking to sell, Zamparini has fallen out with the player completely.  A bit unfortunate on the timing though, less than two weeks after the close of the transfer window.

"The boy [Dybala] is now in the hands of people who do not wish him well. It is difficult that he remains in Palermo, perhaps someone wishes to take it away on a free transfer. Football is now in the hands of certain characters such as agents who just want to make money. I do not talk more with him. He has completely changed. There are people who try to involve him in strange situations."

-Maurizio Zamparini; source: Radio Kiss Kiss via Sport Witness

The 21-year-old "new Agüero" is having his breakout season in Sicily, so just like with Edinson Cavani and the aforementioned Pastore, Zamparini is wasting no time in starting a bidding war for him.  Regardless of how talented Paulo Dybala may be, or how serious any Chelsea interest may be (if there is any at all to begin with), this is probably not the last we hear of this story.

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