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Mourinho gives us a Hazard contract update

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's time for your bi-weekly Eden Hazard contract update from Jose Mourinho. And no, there's not good news, despite the constant promise that we're set for some good news soon. But at least we got jokes about a pen! That's great, right, Chelsea fans? We'd all rather have jokes than Hazard signing a new contract:

I am buying a nice pen. I need a bit of time to go to Sloane Street and buy a proper pen. I just need time to buy the pen and after that I think there is not a long time to go!

Source: Get West London.

We've been promised the same thing -- a new deal for Hazard and with the utmost celerity -- for months now, and I'm a little bit tired of taking the club's word on it since it manifestly has not happened yet. By the end of the season, Hazard will only have two years left on his deal, and if he doesn't sign before then we might actually have an annoying problem on our hands.

Enough of saying he wants to stay and is set to sign, Chelsea. Get it done, then tell us when its done, and we can all have a happy Hazard party.