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Mourinho: 'I would say yes' to 10 years at Chelsea

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Tyler Durden: Now listen, I can't have you talking to other clubs, ever again.
Jose Mourinho: Why would I talk to...
Tyler: You say anything to anyone, we're done. Now promise me.
Jose: Ok.
Tyler: You promise?
Jose: Yeah, I promise.
Tyler: Promise.
Jose: I just said, I promise.
Tyler: That's three times you promised.

So maybe not so much a promise, but this is now the third time the combination of Chelsea, Mourinho, and "10 years" have come up since The Special One returned to Stamford Bridge over a year and a half ago.

Mourinho initially talked about staying for 12 seasons to stabilize the next core generation (or generations?) of Chelsea stars.  Former Chelsea CEO Ron Gourlay mentioned earlier this season how we're hoping that we get to experience a decade-long spell under the manager, and just last week, Mourinho's agent prognosticated similarly.  Now it's Jose's turn once again.

"I would [like to stay for 10 years], for me the most important thing is to be happy."

"I like the club, I like the players, I like the fans, I like the Premier League a lot. In some moments I don't understand a few things, but that doesn't change my fantastic feeling about the Premier League. I'm very, very happy. If somebody tells me I'm going to make ten years at Chelsea, I would say yes."

"This season our first objective, is again, to finish top four or three, because three goes direct to Champions League. This is the first objective, but when you are doing as well as we are doing, in this moment we think that we can win the title."

-Jose Mourinho; source: BT Sport via 101 Great Goals

Almost two full seasons into the project --  one that's looking likely to bear fruit at the end of the season -- the new Mourinho era has only just begun.

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