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Introducing The Drog Gang, and their hit single 'Who Let The Drog Out?'

Well, the party was nice, the party was pumpin'
Yippie yi yo
And everybody havin' a ball
Yippie yi yo

Apparently it was also a very cold party at Cobham on Monday. With temperatures dipping towards freezing, the players had to bundle up as they took to training. Or at least that's sure to be their cover story. In reality, they might just be the newest recruits to Didier Drogba's Merry Sing-along Crew. Officially known as The Drog Gang, they're supposed to keep their identities carefully concealed.

But Ramires and Willian clearly have failed at the first rule of The Drog Gang, making barely the minimum of effort at hiding their faces. Nemanja Matić foolishly unmasks himself with the cameras still rolling as well. But there's hope for the fourth member, whoever he may be.

(My money's on Oscar Ivanović but shhhhh!)

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