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Five-point lead with 15 to go is as good as, if not better than, the last 7 Premier League winners

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Saturday's top of the table six-pointer may have ended up a top of the table zero-pointer, but that suits Chelsea just fine.

Sure, an eight-point lead would've been even better.  Or a 14-point lead, as we enjoyed at this point in 2005-06.  But, as Mourinho often likes to point out (when he's talking to the media, that is), times have changed.  As the overall quality of the Premier League has crept up, such dominating leads are not likely to happen anymore.  In fact, if we take a quick peek into recent seasons, we'll see that a 5-point lead with 15 games to go is not a bad sign at all of ultimate success.

Season Top after 23 Second Lead Champion
2014-15 Chelsea Man City 5 ???
2013-14 Man City Chelsea 1 Man City
2012-13 Man Utd Man City 5 Man Utd
2011-12 Man City Man Utd GD Man City
2010-11 Man Utd Arsenal 5 Man Utd
2009-10 Chelsea Man Utd 4 Chelsea
2008-09 Man Utd Chelsea 5 Man Utd
2007-08 Man Utd Arsenal GD Man Utd
2006-07 Man Utd Chelsea 6 Man Utd

As we saw last year or in 2011-12, this table is hardly a comprehensive representation of the twists and turns in any title race, yet amid all the drama, like last minute Agüero goals and 3-goals-in-11-minutes comebacks, the trend holds true.  City may have already closed an 8-point gap earlier this season, but the advantage and control lies with us.  It's up to us to not mess this up.

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