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Potential Chelsea transfer target Jonathan Calleri bids farewell to Boca Juniors

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Young Boca Juniors striker Jonathan Calleri looks on his way out of Argentina and onto bigger and perhaps better things in Europe.  Where exactly that will be remains to be seen — Inter Milan look to be in the lead, but these thing can change quickly.  Arsenal, for example, are supposedly trying to make a late push as well.

"Thanks for everything and goodbye..."  Doesn't get much more clear than that.

The Boca Juniors president placed the odds of Calleri getting sold at 99%, with the likely destination being Italy after perhaps an intermediary third party of investors gets involved in some capacity.  That part is a bit weird and complicated, but the one thing that seems certain is that the 22-year-old has bid farewell to his hometown club that he led in scoring last season and he's ready to strike out on the big adventure and try to make a name for himself in Europe.

Perhaps our paths will cross sooner or later.

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