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Watch: Matic, Costa, Oscar and Kenedy show off their skills for adidas football

Adidas football's YouTube channel was granted inside access to Chelsea Football Club to do an episode of their "Gameday plus" special. Their two hosts try to "sneak into" Chelsea's training room to earn a place in the Champions League starting lineup. In reality they just talk with Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta about their awesome teammates and themselves.

In the episode they get to hang out with four different Chelsea players.

First they cruise around on a speedboat with Nemanja Matic on a sunny day in London. They discuss his role as a destroying midfielder and what his most important skill is as a holding player.

Next they meet up with striker Diego Costa to have him compete in a game. He's able to strike shots at the goal while both of them attempt to play goalkeeper at the same time. The results are quite humorous.

Then they go have a chat with Oscar who demonstrates how to strike the perfect volley and discusses how he got so good at them as a kid in Brazil.

Finally, the special ends with a skills montage of Kenedy embarrassing one of the hosts with his deadly moves. It's a fun little 10 minute video. Enjoy.

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