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Chelsea postpone Cuadrado sale -- report

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Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

I think we can all agree that Colombian winger, Juan Cuadrado's move to Chelsea hasn't worked out. Having arrived almost a year ago, he racked up 14 appearances in the latter half of last season and for whatever reason, never ceased to looked, at best, half the player he was in the Serie A.

Cuadrado was sent back to the Serie A, on loan to Juventus this August, and hit the ground running at his temporary home, soon becoming an important part of the side. At the age of 27, we obviously aren't expecting the winger to develop further, which means that the better he plays, the smaller loss we suffer when he's sold.

Both sides had apparently reached a verbal agreement of £15.75 million earlier this year and were set to hold talks of finalising a permanent deal in January. However, according to reputable Italian outlet Gazzetta dello Sport, Chelsea have now postponed the talks to February instead. It's clear that the winger is surplus to requirements and has established his comfort zone in the Serie A, so the reason for the delay is unclear and a bit baffling as of now, but an apparent interest (take with appropriate amount of salt) shown by Barcelona is a possible explanation.

Either way, Cuadrado's stint as a Chelsea player should come to an end sooner rather than later.