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Chelsea vs. Porto, Champions League: Choose the starting lineup

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Chelsea haven't punched their ticket to the Champions League round of 16 yet, and will likely need a win or a draw in order to reach the knockout round. Fortunately, they'll be attempting to earn that result at home, though the match will be against the toughest competition in the group, FC Porto.

Jose Mourinho typically takes very few risks in big matches, and Wednesday's encounter against his old club won't likely provide an exception. Knowing that  a draw sees the Blues advance (though in second), Mourinho will likely play a more defnsive-mended group, and ask them to play a bit more conservatively than normal.

We're not asking what you think Mourinho would do, however, we want to know what you would do if placed in charge at Stamford Bridge. As always, we've attached a form for you to let us know who you'd select, and you can stay on top of the results by clicking this link. Feel free to discuss your selections in the comments section below.